"Feeling My Way In the Darkness 
With a Beautiful Light"


"Comet" in a new way 

How do I return to my songs? They are calling to be recorded and brought out into the world.

Here on my website player is a sketch I did last week of Comet followed by an improvised instrumental, Baby's First Bath.

Have a Beautiful Day with expanded hearts!


Let Me Be a Child Tonight lyrics 

Let Me Be a Child Tonight


Running under branches

Hidden from the world

Sighing again "Hold that pearl!”


Throwing an apple

Closing your eyes

Tilt your head when you hear my cries


I came to rest at your feet

You know the story of me

And still I feel your embrace

Endless ocean of grace 

Let me be a child tonight. 



Ram Ram Ram Ram

Ride my bike!

Rama Rama Rama be a child tonight.

Ram Ram Ram Ram

Fly my kite!

Rama Rama Rama be a child tonight. Hey!


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