"Feeling My Way In the Darkness 
With a Beautiful Light"


Let Me Be a Child Tonight lyrics 

Let Me Be a Child Tonight


Running under branches

Hidden from the world

Sighing again "Hold that pearl!”


Throwing an apple

Closing your eyes

Tilt your head when you hear my cries


I came to rest at your feet

You know the story of me

And still I feel your embrace

Endless ocean of grace 

Let me be a child tonight. 



Ram Ram Ram Ram

Ride my bike!

Rama Rama Rama be a child tonight.

Ram Ram Ram Ram

Fly my kite!

Rama Rama Rama be a child tonight. Hey!

NYC Days & Nights - the Music and Art 

Lately, Manhattan is providing a wealth of inspiration. Strolling around some of the art museums, taking pics... then meeting and hearing amazing musicians. I recommend Jon Catler in whatever group he puts together with his microtonal guitar and/or orchestral compositions, Steve Hall (Saxophone) Quartet, and last night I was blown away by David Phelps (elec gtr) playing with Percy Jones & the MJ-12.

I've just uploaded some of my past recordings as I work to set up for new recording. Today, I suggest these tracks for listening: Little Fish (kybd instrumental), Let Me Be a Child Tonight (sung with my laughter and child voice), hmmmm should I suggest Common Tool (voice + kybd, about healing from separations)?

*** Lyrics & chords for both vocal songs can be found here:  Song Lyrics & Chords below the interview. Enjoy!

Believe it or not, my recording set up is almost ready..... if we can work out all the details, there will be a few surprise guest artists, too!

Have a Great Day everyone!!



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